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I Love Science!


This image is one of the reasons I love science. I will link to articles about each of the topics contained in the image, see below. Each of these, though perhaps not the one about Pluto, have the chance to change some part of our lives and will indefinitely lead to newer and grander things in the future. My favorite part of science; we are not okay with the status quo.

Ain’t No Party Like A Petri Dish Party

Six Million Dollar Man’s Eyes

Is that 3-D or 4-D

Poor Pluto’s Moons

A New Head on Your Shoulders


Biodegradable Banana Plastics

HIV vs Stem Cells

Synthetic Blood!?

E coli As A Fuel Producer?

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Possible new strain of E. coli able to produce diesel from fatty acids. Interesting story, probably a few years away from being actually able to produce usable fuel commercially.

Cancer Markers

Potential New Cancer Markers

Potential new markers found for Breast, Ovarian, and Prostate cancers.

Post Antibiotic Era?

Post-Antibiotic Era?

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