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Questions for a Liberal, a response to Facebook Post

So, its been a while since I did anything controversial but I am having withdrawals and need to vent a bit. I saw the picture above posted on Facebook by a few of my more ‘right-leaning’ friends. There are a few things wrong with the text if you look or think for any time more than the time required to press the Like button.


We’ll take each of the questions individually, I’ll go out on a limb and take the stance of the liberal and address each of them.

Liberal: I am pro choice.

Yes, most liberally minded persons are pro-choice. No, this does not include “choices” that are asked about in this picture. Pro-Choice is a stance of women’s right to choose to have an abortion, not anything to do with choosing health care, taxes, or gun rights. From Wikipedia; the term is most often used to emphasize a position of bodily integrity, individual sovereignty and self-determination, particularly on issues of public policy, law, political controversies and medical ethics.

It is wrong to knowingly use a term which has a specific meaning in one type of conversation (pro-choice=abortion choice) and use it in a different type of conversation (pro-choice=choice about anything) but not clarify which definition of the word you are using.

Me: Can I choose my own health care?

Liberal: No.

No, because, well, that’s not what pro-choice means, it doesn’t have anything to do with health insurance, unless you want to choose which plan to sign up for but that’s a different meaning of the word pro-choice.

We all know this question is directed at the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka ObamaCare, so we won’t beat around the bush. Before I say anything else check the market place for yourself and see what is available to you. I pay $408.00/mo for my coverage from CHS, I went to the marketplace and found a plan very similar to mine, so similar, in fact, that I simply didn’t want to change plans because it didn’t have a clear reward (that does not mean it isn’t better for anyone). I have a very good job and I am grateful for it but I am conscious of the fact that many, many, people aren’t in the position I am in. The majority of the nation is at the level I am at or below that, the ACA was crafted for our benefit.

It seems, more and more, that the people who look into and attempt to understand the ACA like it and are confident that it is and will be a positive step forward. It is quite a long read but click here for a comic representation of “ObamaCare: What it is, what it’s not.”

That said about ObamaCare, the question is clearly only for a slight glance because the marketplace is for choosing your healthcare plan! The ACA is not national health care for everyone as in the U.K., it provides coverage for everyone from different providers, you choose which one you want!

Me: Can I choose what to do with money I earn?

Liberal: No.

No, because, well, that’s not what pro-choice means, it doesn’t have anything to do with taxes or penalties set by law. The government doesn’t say anything about your personal funds management, we are a Republic not a Commune. I can only imagine that this question is aimed at either general taxes or else at the penalty set up as a part of the ACA.

Me: Can I choose how I defend my family and possessions?

Liberal: No.

No, because, well, that’s not what pro-choice means, it doesn’t have anything to do with gun rights.

Me: What can I choose?

Liberal: An abortion, and a same-sex marriage.

Because that’s what pro-choice is about (not really about same-sex marriage but oh well).

Me: I don’t agree with your opinions.



Yeah, you can not agree with whatever you want. Pro-Choice isn’t about health care plans, gun rights, or taxes, that’s not an opinion.


I think it’s pretty clear that this post is again in response to a right-wing fanatic Facebook friend who posted a hastily put together and not very well thought out picture or argument with no personal comments about the subject. These things really get me fired up. I’m trying to not react to them on Facebook so my blog is where they will end up.

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