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Becoming Less of a Man

~~~~~~~~MY INSPIRATION~~~~~~~~

It is time.

Sophia just turned 1, Sariah about to turn 7, Crystal and my’s 7th wedding anniversary coming up (wonder what kind of wool/copper gift I could get), and worst of all 150 days or so until my 30th birthday.

I need to lose weight and the time has come. Following the actions of Penn Jillette (PSS) and Matt Donnelly (ICS) and the tips/advice of Ray Cronise ( and Joel Fuhrman (Dr. Fuhrman) I am beginning a diet lifestyle change. I will need the support of everyone I know to get through this.

Read about Penn’s incredible loss in this article by People magazine.

This is simply my beginning post, with this post I declare myself to be a Cro-Nut (ICS/PSS fans will get the reference). I hope to blog throughout my journey but won’t set a schedule of posting because I likely won’t stick to one. I contemplated making a new, anonymous blog for this purpose as I will be posting pictures and very personal information in these posts, but thought through it and want to be open and honest in my journey. This is a big shock to us all; It is going to be a big change for us too. I have zero doubt that it is a change for the better and invite anyone reading this to join me (even you future people!).


In this preliminary entry I am going to lay out my plan. Ray (Cronise) hasn’t put out a book yet so we don’t know his entire plan of attack but I’ve pieced together a plan of my own based on podcast episodes of Penn’s Sunday School and Ice Cream Social, posts on Reddit by other scoops, and reading and Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman. It isn’t a complete set of instructions and will likely change along the way but this is where I am starting.

~~~~~~~~MY PLAN~~~~~~~~


-Walking, daily, my route is about 1.5 miles around the neighborhood behind our apartment

-Contrast showers, morning and night at least


-Water, water, and more water. I will be drinking tea (unsweet) but mostly I will be drinking water. I plan to use our Soda Stream to carbonate it whenever I feel the urge for that tingly feeling a coke gives us all and also by drinking my favorite drink, Perrier.

-The biggest change for me will be limiting myself to around 1000 calories daily.

-My plan begins with a potato-centric first two weeks. This is explained as a time of meditation and showing how much we actually think about food. In addition to that it can be seen as a period of cleansing your palate for the big change in food you will be eating.

-After the first two weeks the diet is basically vegan nutritarian; no animal by-products, no added salt/sugar/fat, no processed grains. Basically, lots and lots of fruits and veg, grains, legumes, and nuts.

This diet will no doubt change over time as I learn more about Matt and Penn’s ever secretive diet and about myself; what I like and what I don’t like.

Similar to the scientific worldview, changing your mind isn’t always a bad thing when you have new information to affect your thoughts.

~~~~~~~~MY SHAME~~~~~~~~

IMG_0623 IMG_0624

This is me, currently, as I write this post. 154 days until my 30th birthday. 400 pounds. That number makes me very sad. I hope, with every fiber in my being, that by my birthday I can be at a less emotion-enducing point.

I am not becoming a vegan person. I like eating meat and I could care less what you eat. I will not be preaching to anyone about this and will not be listening to anyone preach to me. I hope to get to a more healthy place and then ease into eating a more full diet with meat and dairy.

It’s very embarrassing being at this point and putting myself out there. This post isn’t goint to be publicized on Facebook like most of my others have been. You are one of the few who will see it. Share it if you must, but please understand the gravity of my placing myself out there with this very sensitive information. Thank you for your support.

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