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Synthetic Blood!?


Mass Removal

I’ll start this post with a story from my life then I will interpret that story with my current understanding of the world. Please proceed at your own risk as this post will contain pictures with blood and sutures.


Cedar Hill, TN – Fall of ~1998 (actually don’t remember the date but it was back then)

I am woken up in the middle of the night, unable to move any part of my body. I am terrified. I can see, I am laying on my stomach with my head pointed towards the wall. I see a blue light and shadows moving on that wall. Being unable to move I am even more terrified because I can’t turn to see what is making the shadows and why I can’t move and I think about what could be causing this. Aliens! It had to be. Some sort of ray holding me down so they can do whatever they need to do (no anal probe!). Shortly after this experience I became aware of a spot on my back that I was unaware of where it had come from.


Best interpretation I can muster….. Sleep Paralysis and a lava lamp, possibly a little lucid dreaming. I have zero confidence in my initial answer of aliens. I don’t know how many people I have actually told this story to because I actually didn’t believe it was aliens but its what my brain went to at that moment, but the spot was there ever since and my brain kept going back to that idea of aliens. That spot is actually the reason I am writing this post, I’ve had it taken off finally.

Thank you to Premier Medical Center, Dr. Jackson, I am free of my mass. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Miller could not identify the mass so they definitely wanted to send it to a pathologist to be identified.  Below are some of the pictures from my procedure and the healing of the spot.


Dr Jackson performing the removal of the mass.


Mass removed, black spots are marks from the cauterized areas, Dr. Miller actually came in to inspect and took out much more material during the procedure.


The dressings after my first change. Looks bad but no signs of infection or ripped sutures.


More sutures are in this area than you can see, the hole came to be larger than they thought it would have been.


The mass was taken to Cumberland Pathology to try to identify the mass. I will update with more pictures as soon as I hear.

Trivia Night – All In The Family

Another night of trivia! Noone from the lab showed so it was just Sariah, Crystal, and I …. All In The Family. Turns out after it started Blanca showed up, YAY, but we didn’t change the team name because it was already written on all of the answer sheets.

We didn’t do nearly as well as we did last week, but it was still fun. So, on to the questions.


Round 1

Spell the word Jamaica

J – A – M – A – I – C – A

What show features the Braverman family living in Berkley, CA?


What 7 letter word, beginning with S, and is a synonym for phantom/ghost?


Round 2

What is the last name of the first human to go into space?

Yuri Gagarin

What is the name of the park, opened in 1999, which now contains the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Orlando

Name the group who had the following lyrics in the second track on their first album. “She never comprimises, Loves babies and surprises, wears high heels when she exercises, Ain’t it beautuiful”

Train (Meet Virginia)

Round 3

What mountain is the highest point in California?

Mount Whitney

In 1988, what actor was the “ghost with the most” Beetlejuice?

Michael Keaton

Who is the composer of “Stars and Stripes Forever”?



Name the Movie/Series the following characters originate from.

Queen Padme’ Amidala               Star Wars

Jake Sully               Avatar

Hal 9000          2001: A Space Odyssey

Ellen Ripley          Aliens

Cpt. S. Hiller          Independence Day

Round 5

What French Impressionist was a contemporary of Claude Monet?


What colony was founded by James Oglethorpe, originally, as a home for those in debtors prison?


In Poker, what cards consist of a “dead man’s hand“?

Aces and Eights

Round 6

Which is longer?

1/4 Mile    vs     USS George H W Bush

Which is taller?

Seattle Space Needle     vs     St. Louis Arch

Is Shirley Temple dead or alive?



What two forces faced off in the 5th century BCE Polynesian War?

Sparta vs Athens


Alright, great night of fun at trivia night at Don Panchos, but we did not do well on the points.

Trivia Night – Testing Your Patients

Trivia Night is fun I highly recommend at least trying it out. Check them out at BrainBlast Trivia.

They put out three clue pictures the day of the game, today’s are…

3 2 1

We had a perfect game tonight! We answered every question correctly, unfortunately that does not mean we won. Coming into the final question we had a perfect score and were tied for first place with one other team.

We answered the question but were unsure if the answer was correct and only bid 1 point, that point was our downfall. The other team answered the question correctly, along with many other teams, and they (apparently all of the other teams) bid the maximum points. I thought it’d be fun to list the answers/topics of each night of trivia (I’ll attempt to remember the questions as well) just for some useless knowledge for us all.


Round One

What is the capital of New York?


If you are deciding between Virgin and Extra Virgin; what are you buying?

Olive Oil

Who named their kids Dweezil, Moon Unit, Ahmet, and Diva?

Frank Zappa

Round Two

In WWII, Great Britain covered up their usage of radar as attributing their good eyesight to a diet rich in this vegetable.

Carrots (WWII Carrots)

This is America’s first railroad.

B & O Railroad

This rubber coated tool is used in cleaning many windows.


Round Three

This is the home city of Old North Church, where the lanterns were hung to signal of incoming forces.

Boston (Paul Revere’s Ride)

This is the name of the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


This is the country that encompasses the land of the ancient Aztec society.



The FDA requires six items in bold text on all Nutrition Labels, name five.

Fat / Sodium / Cholesterol / Protein / Carbohydrates / Potassium

(Sorry, they’re all in there, its a long read though)

Round Four

This is the longest venomous snake in Africa, its bite is almost always fatal to humans.

Black Mamba

This element has the atomic symbol Pb.


Who is the author of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web?

E. B. White

Round Five

This future vacation spot was purchased from the Spanish government in 1819.


This land purchase completed the 48 contiguous states in 1854.

Gadsden Purchase

This city was founded and named ‘Nonesuch‘ by John Smith.

Richmond, VA

Final Question

This city is the home of American University; a private liberal arts and research university that is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

Washington, DC


So, how would you have done? The main thing is to have a diverse team. One person is very unlikely to have the answers to all of these questions but that’s what friends are for. Thank you to Nick, Lauren, Kelli D, Kara, Charlotte and her man, and my dear wife and daughter. The titles of the Trivia Night posts will be followed with our team name for that night. Testing Your Patients chosen because most of the people who showed were from the lab I work in.

YEC v Me

I found out that a coworker of mine is a Young Earth Creationist and I expressed my feelings of wanting to discuss some of the claims she holds. She said that she would love to as she was once a scientific person who went to a meeting of Creationists with her science notes as to refute some of their claims but was unable, and she may be able to turn me to the truth. This, she claims, is her basis for believing the claims of Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis group. I have ordered the book and plan to do a read through and blog about my progress.

I sincerely doubt that my position will be swayed by the likes of Ken Ham and his pseudoscience but I said I would read and discuss it with her. Below is the first of our encounters and is the story of my relationship with religion growing up. If she agrees to continue I will try to blog about our discussions (possibly posting the transcripts).



            You already know that we are on opposing sides of this argument but I would like to have a back and forth with you about it. I do not want anything we talk about to interfere with work, as such, I think we will have to not talk about it when we are at work, unless it is a claim we can both agree on. If you are willing, I would like to possibly have an email back and forth about the claims of Intelligent Design and Young Earth Creationism in particular.  If you feel like we shouldn’t do this as it may disturb work I will let it go and we will go our separate ways and continue as we were before. Either way, I will give you the story of how I got to where I am on religion. I would very much like to hear your story even if you don’t want to continue our debate.


I was raised in a Christian home; my mom took my sister and I to church as often as possible but at least once a month we had to miss because of her work schedule. In high school I took control and would go to church on my own most of the time, as my mom was working every weekend. It was easy to miss going when I was on my own and could come up with a million reasons to not go. I continued in my off and on attendance, all the while holding the belief in my head/heart though I never held the bible to be a completely literal account of what happened.

I believed that most of the events did, in some fashion, happen even if they had been exaggerated or elaborated them, as people do to their stories. When I met my wife I was introduced to a new religion (denomination/sect whatever you want to call it) in the Latter-day Saints. I fell for my wife and for her religion, both maybe quicker than is advisable. My wife got me going to church much more than I had been and I was learning about something completely new to me, I had never thought about or, perhaps, even encountered a Mormon before, now I was one. Looking back now, I don’t see how I could have overlooked so many apparent flaws in the doctrine and foundation of the LDS church. As I started actually studying about the church and its claims, I found more and more blatant fraud and problems with it. I know now that I should have done this investigation at the onset but I learned and have moved on.

The problems I discovered about the claims of the LDS church led me to immediately disavow my relationship with the church and its teachings, but as I learned more and more about why the LDS church is not true I also came on to atheist information. I easily debunked the LDS, but the more I read the more I blossomed all of the doubts I have ever had about God and religion.

As I grew up I could never understand why an all-powerful being couldn’t or wouldn’t help the people in Africa living in conditions that I wouldn’t let my worst enemy live in. I couldn’t believe that a loving family could live eternally and be in paradise/heaven if one of its members didn’t proclaim the same belief and spent their eternity in Hell. I couldn’t fathom how an all-knowing could have this one book that he gave to this one set of people in this one part of the world and they have the only means of being saved, but the worst part of it all is that one book can/could/would/have been translated and interpreted so many times that by now who knows what the true version and meaning is.

I have always been a school person. I mean that I loved learning; I loved reading about the ancient mythos surrounding the Romans, the Greeks, and the Vikings. I could easily understand why in their ignorance (the true meaning of the word not the demeaning one) they attributed natural phenomena to the “Gods.” As a kid I could easily draw a line between their “gods” and my God, but as I read more and more about atheism and freethought I came to realize that the Abrahamic god is just the same; We attribute anything we haven’t described scientifically to god. The best quote for this enlightenment was “Once you realize why you don’t believe in the gods of ancient Greece and Rome, the Vikings, Hindu, Islam, etc. You will realize why I don’t accept yours.” Probably not an exact quote but the bones are there and you can understand it. Another is, “I contend we are both atheists, I only believe in one less god than you do.”

When I found out about Young Earth Creationists I was confused, in my mind they attributed things that we had explained scientifically back to god and said that science was flawed or misguided. I was excited to learn that you claimed the belief because I really wanted to meet and talk to someone so that not all of my information came from the internet; the land of the extremists.

I am sure you have heard of and been warned about atheists, but I am not the hardened anti-theist you have heard of. I am not the staunch “god cannot exist” atheist from the internet. In fact, my position is actually that of a completely neutral person, I am the Switzerland of god claims. I have learned that I require evidence that is more than a personal revelation or a collection of stories written decades or more after the events.

Dance Recital 2013


Adams Academy of the Arts presents “The Color of Love” dance recital for 2013.


For nearly a year now every, well almost every, Wednesday we have driven from Clarksville to Cedar Hill to get Sariah to dance practice. Today was the day we got to see the fruits of our and her labors.


I kind of feel bad that Grammy, Grampy, and Uncle Parker (my wife’s mom, dad, and brother) drove all the way up here to see her because she didn’t really do much dancing. She looked beautiful in her two outfits, one to the song “Colors of the Wind” and another to “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini“.


Dance Recital 2013 YouTube Playlist


Even though she didn’t actually dance much at the recital, I know she had a great time over the last year and I have had the time of my life being with her every Wednesday. I really looked forward to our days together, I hope I will find something else for her to do now that dance is over. Sariah has showed interest in gymnastics and hopefully I will be able to get her into it and she will perform well. Any ideas moms and dads? Thanks for reading! I leave you with the best picture of my dear ballerina.


My Ballerina


Great Quotes posted by MuggleinConverse

An awesome quote I’d never heard before. Had to share.

“We tend to defend vigorously things that in our deepest hearts we are not quite certain about. If we are certain of something we know, it doesn’t need defending.”-Madeleine L’Engle

via Great Quotes posted by MuggleinConverse.


**After posting this quote I feel the need to add to the post one of the best quotes I have seen that I use constantly to my religions friends and family (actually mostly just the mormon ones) when they question me and my motives in exposing fraud, deceit, and ignorance in their personal religions.

​“If a faith will not bear to be investigated; if its preachers and professors are afraid to have it examined, their foundation must be very weak.”
George Albert Smith, 1st Counselor to Brigham Young


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