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Another baby on the way!

Well, Its a girl. Another girl to add to the mix and craziness around here. Had the gender determination ultrasound today at Premier. I’ll insert the best picture I saw from today but its not the pornographic picture you came to see of the vagina, you perv. Its of the baby completely folded in half, seemingly attempting to eat a knee.


It’s quite amazing how Crystal and I can’t agree on names and the day after we both like Duncan for a boy we find out that its a girl. Also, so many of the family have heard that we chose Madison for a girl, which I do like, but I don’t remember choosing it, only putting it on the list of names we didn’t each despise.

Anyways, its a girl and I am excited. Due date is still around the second week in July from the measurements taken of cranium and long bones, though we’ll have to go back because the cool picture above made it hard for the ultrasound tech to get some of the measurements and pictures that they need. If anyone of you is an ultrasounder I would love to talk to you about the instruments and the theory behind that science. It amazes me the images that can be seen with as much precision is needed for the measurements.





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