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MY Little Pony


No, this isn’t another post about MLP the show. This is literally about MY little pony, Sariah.


She starts school on Friday (8/15/2014) at Carmel Elementary School. I just can’t believe that she is going to school! Just look at the difference in the pictures above and below this paragraph, the difference is striking.


So, why the title you say? Well, Carmel’s mascot is the Colt (which is horse related even though it is a male gender specific title). Anyways. My filly is growing up! I can’ t make this post too long or I’ll have to get a new keyboard after this one is water damaged from the tears.


Her teacher is Ms. Winters and seems to be a good teacher from her bio and the one day I’ve seen her deal with students. Also, its nice to see she has a blog, Winters Kinderland, though I do wish it was a WordPress one and it was active. Carmel has a Shutterfly page to display art from the students, Click Here. It’s only two years old I think so it still has that new school smell!


The first day of school was a meeting with the parents and the kids. Its crazy to see how different the kids are with things like coloring and talking and even just the size difference. I know every parent likes to think their child is perfect and the smartest thing around but honestly I think Sariah fit right into the upper middle of the class. I don’t know if this is right or not but I think something could be made of taking those pictures from that day and keeping them until graduation and seeing how the kids ended up. Something could be said to the importance of the traits and habits they learned even before they entered school. There were those kids who scribbled all over the paper and talked while the teacher was talking but too there were the kids who sat and colored within the lines silently the whole time. You can see in the picture below Sariah was more interested in the other kids and the teacher’s talk to the parents than coloring.


Anyways, that’s it I guess. I’m old now. My little pony (Kissy Twinkletoes) is in school. I just hope I can help out in the classroom and make sure Ms. Winters has all the help she needs. The only thing I dread now is the fund raising! I hated it when I was in school, I hated it since then when other kids would ask me to buy stuff, and I’m sure I’ll hate it when Sariah is peddling the cheap crap. Do they just sell the prizes? I’d rather do that.

Sorry for that little rant but this is it. Sariah is in Kindergarten. It is so hard to believe that one day we hit that point from time going so slow and everything everyone is telling you is just because they’re “old” to being that old person talking about time going so fast. IT DOES! OMG, IT SO DOES.




cry end







Lawrence O’Donnell takes out after Ark Park, and Bible as well

LOD is awesome!

Why Evolution Is True

In the clip below, Lawrence O’Donnell, author, television writer (“The West Wing,” among other shows), and host of “The Last Word” on the MSNBC television channel in the US,  takes out after the Ark Park planned by Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. He criticizes its unwarranted tax breaks from the state of Kentucky, its purveying fiction as truth, and, in a rare episode of criticizing religion, O’Donnell goes after the Bible and literalists.

To fully appreciate this, you have to realize how rare this kind of gloves-off approach to religion is in the mainstream American media.

Click on the screenshot below to go to the 8-minute MSNBC clip:

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 12.00.03 AM

h/t: Olli

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