Another great day at the Beckman Training Center in Brea, CA! I didn’t mention the other members of our class yesterday but Christina, Kathy, and I are joined in the class by Marj from Medford, OR and Emily from Watsonville, CA. It’s so nice to discover that we can be from such different geographies and have such different work environments and yet we are all connected by our pull to science and the lab. Our labs may be but our problems are not unique. Harry swears it isn’t his quote but I’ll attribute it to him anyways:

If you find yourself in trouble or in doubt,
Run in circles, scream and shout.

Harry was on his game teaching coaching us to learn the best way to systematically troubleshoot; not just these instruments, nearly anything. Using a scientific method of identification and variable change to produce results. Off the top of my head the steps are as follows.

Identify the problem. Assess the severity. Take stock of what is involved in the process that failed. Think of anything that has changed recently either with the instrument or the environment. Identify what is not the problem. Formalize a plan of attack and begin with the easiest and most likely fix. If that doesn’t work just call service, they have trained much longer than we have.

I think my favorite thing from today that isn’t necessarily training related came from Dr. Beckman, posthumously of course. He is well known for living his life to his seven rules:

1. Maintain absolute integrity at all times.
2. Always do your best; never do anything half-heartedly.
3. Never do anything to harm others.
4. Never do anything for which you’ll be ashamed later.
5. Always strive for excellence-there’s no substitute for it.
6. Practice moderation in all things-including moderation.
7. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

A few bits of advice we would all be better off following that just may improve the world around us for our children and theirs and so on.

This afternoon we (Christina, Kathy, and I) plan on going to an Anaheim Ducks hockey game at the Honda Center. Can’t wait for that, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been to an NHL game. Sorry for the change in tense but I have a feeling I’ll be too worn out when we get back to make a post. Good night for now and enjoy the pics.













Add-on from after the game. Great show, Flyers scored to tie it up at 1.8 seconds left. Went to overtime, no score change, shootout went to the Ducks 3-2. Ducks won 5 to 4 over the Philadelphia Flyers! Go Mighty Ducks!






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