California Dreamin

It’s finally here. My training trip for work. For the next week I am in Anaheim, CA for training on advanced maintenance for our Chemistry analyzers. I truly feel special to have been chosen to go, I guess they really do like me. This is a post made on my iPad so it may not be formatted very well, sorry about that.

I don’t know if I’ll get a post together everyday, don’t know if there’ll be enough to be worth it but I’m taking pictures and videos and want to share my experience.

This isn’t my first time flying, nor is it my first work trip, but it is my first solo flight. I’ve been to Europe, twice, but I was still nervous when I got to BNA (Nashville Airport) this morning. Oh, special thanks and shout out to my sis for dropping off! The nerves were from ignorance of what to do, not so much about the flying. I’ve always had an older, experienced, person leading a group of people, not this time.

Check in went well, thankfully it was just crowded enough that I could watch a couple of people and figure out the motions but not crowded enough for bad moods.

Had a bit of a wait due to crazy brain making me think my flight was the time I was supposed to plan on being there so a couple of extra hours in the airport, but I’m no worse for wear. Got on the plane headed for Chicago about 1030. Got a cool video of take off out the window and a couple of pics from the plane below. Got to help a family with their kid by playing peek-a-boo for a while, that was fun.

An hour and a half in the sky and we disembarked to a chilly Chi-town, 22 degrees! It was quite a shock to us all. Very short layover later I made my way to a much larger plane to fly out to Santa Ana, CA. Landing video and a few more pics. Each seat had a small touch screen monitor for movies and what not but the best part for me was the flight information, see the pics below to see some cool stuff, altitude, speed, and outside air temp.

Made it John Wayne Airport safe and sound about 5 o’clock. Took a while to get a shuttle and make it through traffic but finally made it to the Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove. I must make it a point to tell you all that this is a great chain of hotels; nice rooms, friendly staff, and free wifi.

That’s about all for today. Very long day since three am being woken up by Bebe whimpering because I was apparently in his spot.















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