God’s Not Dead, Chapter 3 – A True Picture of Ourselves (pt39)


People who are delusional think they are something they aren’t. The question is, who decides what reality is?

The problem with delusional people is that they usually don’t know they are delusional. They will fight for their delusion. How do we decide whether I am the delusional one or the author is? I can be described as a materialist, a naturalist, an atheist, an agnostic, getting down to it I reject supernatural claims until they are suitably proven. We have, as humans, gone through a list of hundreds of gods, few remain. All of these gods throughout history have been attributed powers over the natural world that have one by one been examined and explained naturalistically. No super-natural needed.

“God is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance.”

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Claiming to know the answer for every question of our existence is not beneficial. Science is okay with saying ‘I don’t know’ but we add the caveat ‘yet’. Science doesn’t claim to know the answer to every question but it works to demonstrate the reason behind everything. The delusional person is the one who claims to know the answer to a question he can’t possibly know.

Recounting a story of a discussion on a flight, the author brings up the biblical flood.

“God could get rid of all of the evil in the world in a moment. All He would have to do is kill everybody.” Think about it. That’s exactly what happened in the biblical account of Noah and the flood. God “saw that the wickedness of man was great int he earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart” (Genesis 6:5-6). He eventually destroyed the majority of living things and saved one family of eight. The virus of evil was in them as well, though not fully manifested, and it has grown into the world we have today.

So many things wrong with this argument. First, god didn’t kill everybody in the story of the flood. He saved Noah and his family. Second, why attempt to rid the world of evil by killing every living thing when he must have known that the “evil virus” wouldn’t be destroyed if he saved Noah? The death of every person, every child, every pregnant mother, every working parent, every tree, every insect, every pet, EVERYTHING was for naught, for nothing, completely and utterly useless. Third, on the last page the author spoke of a new world created by god when evil would be eradicated and everyone would live in peace, why not use the flood to do just that? He let the evil virus remain then what makes you think that this new perfectly peaceful, unadulterated by evil, world wouldn’t be just the same? Perhaps we’ll just have periodic mass extinctions in this perfect world to continually remove evil from it?

I continued, “God has a plan to get rid of all the evil in the world without having to destroy us.”

The delusion is apparent, doing the same thing expecting a different result. The author makes a point to mention that we can not know good without evil. God already attempted to remove evil from the world and in the author’s own belief system it didn’t work. What makes one think it would work next time?

Continuing on after his flight story, the author tells of his encounter with a palm reader. He asks the palm reader some questions and accepts the answers fully with no mention that the answer are likely rehearsed for backstory. The palm reader explains that he was a Christian, got into the occult and voodoo, got freaked out, and decided to only mess with palmistry. This story seems even more fictional than the one about his brother’s single conversation conversion. The author explains his position and mission.

“I preach the gospel for two primary reasons. First, the gospel is the only thing on this planet that can tell a person what is really wrong with him or her. A few years ago my wife was sick, and we couldn’t figure out the source of her pain. While in Israel a sweet little doctor at Hadassah Hospital diagnosed her condition, and that knowledge brought us great hope that she could now be properly treated. You see, the gospel tells us that the source of our pain is our separation from God because of sin. As we have broken God’s moral laws, it has resulted in our lives and our souls becoming broken.”

WHAT?! I highly, no, completely don’t believe that the doctor in Israel diagnosed her with separation from God. No, he had a diagnosis from medicine and I wouldn’t believe for a second that he referred to his Torah to figure out what was wrong. Why would the author have even taken her to a hospital? The gospel can’t be “the only thing on this planet that can tell a person what is really wrong” and then he tells a story about his wife having a physical illness, going to a real doctor, and getting a diagnosis, making zero effort to explain the gospel’s position in the story about his wife. It was clearly not the “only thing on the planet” to tell her what was wrong.

“The second reason I preach the gospel is because it is the only thing on this planet that can tell us what to do to heal our condition.”

No conclusion to the story about his wife being healed by reading the Bible? No prescription from god for her illness? Beyond the story about his wife the author concludes the story about his conversation on the flight. The author hints at, but doesn’t come out and say, that “John” had converted, because it probably didn’t happen. The delusion of the author is apparent in the contradictions ever so apparent in his own stories.






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