God’s Not Dead, Chapter 3 – The Origins of Evil (pt36)


From the beings we call angels to the humans made in His image, god’s creations have real power to make real choices.

A little bit of a side not but were angels given free will? I think every time someone talks of free will it is about humans having it, never about angels.

God created beings who had the capacity to fail.

…and when they inevitably failed he regretted having made them at all and killed them all off, save eight people. Gen. 6:6, et al.

If angels have the capacity to fail just like humans, has there ever been or will there be a heavenly “flood” to start carte blanche? Can you be kicked out of heaven after getting in?

If angels have free will and heaven is a place with no evil, then it is possible for god to have made a place with both of these things. What is the need for the evil on earth and the suffering supposedly caused by it? Can’t say free will anymore.

God gave us His moral laws to reveal His character and nature, which are pure and spotless.

But then we got the Bible which showed us his character and nature and moral laws aren’t so pure and spotless. Murder, slavery, rape, blaming the victim; even from my lowly stance I call those immoral acts, even if they are mandated by a god.

This was a pretty short subsection that was mostly devoted to the author poking at Christopher Hitchens who envisioned Heaven as “a celestial North Korea”. Hitchens is well known for his animosity towards religion and held god to be a supreme ruler in constant surveillance of his underlings and even persecuted thought crimes.









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