God’s Not Dead, Chapter 3 – Moral Laws Exist to Protect Us (pt35)


The author gives an analogy meant to explain why god shouldn’t be “held responsible for not doing something about evil and suffering.” The analogy is that of his own fatherhood and his preparing his children to face the challenges inherent in our world. A problem exists in this analogy, the author, I will assume, would, if he had the power, take action to protect his children from a danger that they may not be ready to face.

What about those people who suffer but have no idea of the existence of the god of the Bible? What warning signs have been given to them to help them avoid danger? The author seems very stereo-typically closed minded in some of his arguments, this being only one.

Science, medicine, and reason are helping us become aware of ways to avoid these things and find cures when we are afflicted.

Not surprisingly the author makes no mention of the parts of medicine and science that religion contradicts and acts against based on its religious teachings and tenets. How long was medicine set back because disease was thought to be caused by sin? How many people, in today’s world, contract HIV because the Catholic Church preach against the use of condoms? How many mothers die because of a religion’s’ dogmatic view on abortion? How many people are terrorized by zealots claiming to follow the teachings of their god or prophets?

God gives us wisdom to improve our lives and rid our world of disease, poverty, and abuse.

So the religious wisdom should be followed until science demonstrates that it was completely and utterly false? Is disease caused by microscopic organisms or by demons? At one time the religious wisdom was that disease was of sin or evil entities, but now even most religious people agree that science is more valid where religions once thought they had the right answer.

God’s mercy is demonstrated by His becoming a man in Jesus Christ and dealing with our ultimate enemy who lives in the unseen world.

Yet another contradiction; you can not claim a hands-off god and then claim that he did something to help. You must choose one or the other. A god who is hands-off for the bad things that happen in the world can’t then become hands-on, interacting with the world by performing miracles.

The skeptical mind scoffs loudly at this, but there is evidence of this unseen evil entity that inspires and energizes evil in humans.

There is evidence! Yes, finally, the author is going to show actual evidence.

This evil may be ignored by Western culture and its naturalistic worldview, but evil is understood very well by the non-Western developing world, which constitutes two-thirds of the planet.

That is how the author ends this subsection. Spoiler Alert, I’ve read the whole book and the evidence the author spoke of is nowhere to be found.

You know something that the “non-Western developing world” also once “understood very well”? That the world was flat. That our planet was at the center of the cosmos. That earthquakes were caused by Namazu, a giant catfish, who got loose of his boulder restraint from Kashima.

An ad populam argument definitely won’t work when the populace you are referring to is overall ignorant or uneducated.




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