God’s Not Dead, Chapter 3 – All Morals are not Created Equal (pt28)


The American Declaration of Independence declares that it is “self-evident, that all men are created equal,” yet it is also self-evident that the morals they live by are not equal.

Yes, I agree, so why would we not think that the moral systems had evolved alongside the societies they are in?

To say that everyone’s beliefs are equally valid is self-refuting. Not everyone can be right.

Again, I agree, now why should we believe your god over every other god? You feel the same about all those other gods as I feel about the god of the Bible.

But without God, the absurd notion that everyone’s morals are true becomes a living nightmare.

Everyone’s beliefs can’t be equally valid but the author says his are. The ignorance is palpable and hurts my head. An atheist does not posit that all moral systems are valid, only that they all came to be naturally. The problem for the theist comes in explaining all of these differing moralities when they believe that morality was decreed by a supreme deity.

Certainly without a transcendent God or source of moral authority, it comes down to whatever are the opinions of the majority. So from where does this universal sense of right and wrong come?

I have already explained where I think morality came from and I won’t rehash it here.

We no more invented morality than we invented numbers or even reason itself.

I agreed that we didn’t invent the idea of numbers, the concept of quantity, but we did name them. We invented the name, just the same as good and evil. We didn’t invent the idea of right or wrong but we gave them the name right and wrong, the name moral and immoral. We gave them a name according to how it affected the self, the others, and the society.





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