God’s Not Dead, Chapter 3 – No God-No Evil (pt27)


 The author recounts a story in which he was on a flight and speaking to someone he learned to be a philosophy teacher in England and “a militant atheist.” He asks why the professor is militant and the professor gives two reasons, evolution and evil.

My next question was easy: “So why are you a militant atheist?” He replied, “Two reasons. First, I believe in evolution.”

After the professor and the author speak the author comes to the conclusion that he wasn’t an expert.

Just because someone has a PhD doesn’t mean he is an expert in every area of life; he may be a microspecialist in only one or two subjects.

Duh. A PhD is not given out after one expresses their expertise in every field imaginable, it is for a single specific subject. The author uses this to negate the professor’s ability to assess the evidence and his trust in the scientific process to nullify this as a reason to abate his belief.

The professor changed his course, announcing that evolution was not his main reason for rejecting God.

The professor didn’t “change his course” (see the first quote from above), the professor said he had two reasons to disbelief the god claim, evolution was only the first. This statement by the author is only used to make it seem like he has somehow won this nonexistent debate. The professor brings up his second reason.

“If there is a God,” he said, “why is there so much evil in the world?”

If there is no God, there is no such thing as evil. You see, without God evil doesn’t really exist.

This statement by the author that no god=no evil is directly correlated to the the concept that he couldn’t comprehend from the last subsection, just one page before this. “When people dismiss belief in God as illusory, they tend to view the concepts of good and evil as illusory as well.”

The unbeliever can’t describe the world we live in without borrowing the biblical concepts of good and evil.

Actually, just two pages ago the author quoted Richard Dawkins explaining the concept as “genetic predisposition” but the author simply brushed it aside.






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