God’s Not Dead, Chapter 3 – Good and Evil are No Illusions (pt26)


The author begins Chapter 3 by recounting the 2012 shooting in Aurora, CO.

Wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest, he began firing a gun randomly into the panicked crowd, killing twelve and wounding fifty-eight. Terrorized children and their parents huddled in horror and prayed to be spared from this adman’s attack.

Thank goodness the 12 and 58 didn’t pray to be spared, only the ones that were actually saved, or else it would have been bad for that god. But the author makes no reference to those people who died’s faith, only the survivors, remember counting the hits and ignoring the misses?

When people dismiss belief in God as illusory, they tend to view the concepts of good and evil as illusory as well.

Duh, the terms ‘good and evil’ are only used in association with the god claim, just like the term atheist. The terms change when you use ‘good and bad’ or ‘moral and immoral’, the action doesn’t change but the implications do. The author quotes Dawkins who “deemed notions of good and evil to be mere artificial human constructs.” I must agree with Dawkins as it is the very same as I explained above. Dawkins explains “genetic predispositions” as the motivation for most of our actions. As much as I agree with Dawkins I tend to think that ‘nurture’ has just as much a hand in our actions and predispositions as ‘nature’ does.

God also blesses mankind by restraining our evil nature.

This isn’t the author but he quotes Larry Taunton likely because he agrees with the statement. There is one problem with this statement; what about free will? If god is “restraining our evil nature” free will to act upon, or not act upon, that nature is also restrained negating the free will that is supposedly given us.

Quoting Hugh Ross:

Evidently, God designed the laws of physics so that the more depraved people become, the worse consequences they suffer.

So, if I understand this right, the worse people act the worse the world becomes and the more people suffer, and somehow this has something to do with the laws of physics. Of course it doesn’t. The more people act bad in a society, the worse off the society will be, the worse off society gets, the more bad outcomes to the individuals. This is the basis for the idea of the evolution of secular morality. Those bad actions become well known for being bad for people and society and the people and society agree (informally) that that action is reprehensible. There you are, secular morality.

In reality, the existence of good is actually a bigger question to answer than the problem of evil.

No, no it isn’t. The polarity of good and evil is unavoidable. Just as the terms ‘good and evil’ or ‘atheist’ are meaningless without the god claim, the idea of ‘good’ is meaningless without the idea of ‘bad’. Just as if there was no god there would be no atheists, if there is no bad there would be no good.

As long as there have been people doing things that harmed other people, themselves, or society there have been people on the other side who want to do good but also want to stop those other people doing bad. This is not a “bigger question to answer”, it is an inevitable occurrence.


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