God’s Not Dead, Chapter 2 – Summary (pt25)


Real faith is not blind. It is evidence-based and requires all our efforts in pursuit of the truth.

This is the opposite of the definition of faith both that the author has explained earlier in this book and that the Bible explains in Hebrews 11:1.

The challenge for skeptics is to follow the evidence wherever it leads, regardless of preconceived ideas, not closing their eyes to the obvious when it contradicts their worldview.

I agree. This is one more point that the author makes that I agree with, its too bad that I have to cherry pick them (just like the author and most believers cherry pick their beliefs).

Ironically, it is the nature of skeptics to be unaware that they are blind to the truths evidencing a supernatural Creator.

This is funny, the author has, hopefully unknowingly, made an illogical statement. Saying the creator is supernatural means that it isn’t in the natural world. If however you were to believe that the creator has influence in the world there would be/could be natural, demonstrable evidence and faith wouldn’t be a requirement.

Here in the book I drew a small flow chart to show how I understand belief. Belief is the top and has two subsets: 1-faith and 2-reason. Faith I explained as subjective and experiential based, a belief held in light of lack of evidence. Reason explained as objective (yes and experiential) based, a belief held based on demonstrable evidence.



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