God’s Not Dead, Chapter 2 – Unbelief is the Product of Not Thinking (pt21)


Another section of the book devoted to claiming atheists are simply angry and want to deny that they know about the existence of god, “like a lawyer who doesn’t want any evidence to come forth in a trial that could discredit his client, the skeptic is threatened by the believer who makes a case for god based on reason.” It is actually very nice (for me) that the author used the title “skeptic” in this statement instead of atheist, but less than useful for the author. We are all skeptics by nature for almost all claims that are made. Whether it is a Sasquatch, Nessie, unicorns, talking on the phone with the president, or ‘it tastes like chicken’. The strangest thing to me is that the same skepticism isn’t automatically applied to claims of such a larger magnitude, like ‘I created the universe in seven days’. For most the best reasoning for this suspension of skepticism is indoctrination.

After quoting Romans 1:18-19 the author states:

This is why there is such frustration and anger on the part of atheists when God is mentioned. All their hard work of suppressing the truth gets sabotaged.

Sorry, but if you think this is true I am going to tell you once and for all it is not. I am not attempting to suppress any evidence, the evidence that has been brought out has been lacking and/or fallacious so I don’t need to suppress it. I do however want to invalidate any “evidence” I can so that the person presenting it will understand it is unacceptable for use as evidence and that it shouldn’t be used in the future.

The author explains about turbulence on a flight causing him to momentarily feel fear but “sound reasoning can restore my faith in flying”. This is again a differing definition of the word faith that was set in the beginning of the book. This faith is one based on evidence of the aeronautics field and of past flights, as the author said he had “flown several million miles” in his lifetime.

Unbelief can result from failing to remember.

Or, it could be the result of not being convinced of potentially the most important questions of our lives being answered in an single, ancient, ignorant, and deplorable text. Unbelief is not something to be ashamed of, we all don’t believe claims everyday. We don’t go through life believing everything we are told until someone disproves each claim. The default position is disbelief.

Jesus performed many miracles, such as feeding thousands of people from a handful of bread loaves and a few fish. Time and time again, although His disciples had experienced miracle after miracle they would forget Jesus’ power as soon as they faced another challenge.

This is astounding. If you saw a man feed thousands of people with very little food, gave back the gift of sight, or brought someone back from death you would not forget it. You would not question that person again. I have seen Magnus ver Magnusson and other Strong Men do incredible feats of strength and to this day I would not question that they could do it again. I may say ‘no way’ or ‘unbelievable’ but those comments are not the same as the author is speaking of the disciples’ forgetting Jesus’ powers. Along with comments about the strong men I commented in my book about looking up deification.

The idea that the disciples could forget about the accomplishments of Jesus when they had perfect, first-hand, evidence of them is a minimum thought provoking. Perhaps, just think about it, perhaps Jesus was a man who did some good deeds, had some followers, and started a small church. Tales of this man over the years of verbal storytelling got exaggerated into tales of a god come to earth. Have you ever played the game telephone? Even over just a few people in a group a sentence or very small story gets changed, think about years and years of possible change. That is at least a point for skepticism of the stories of Jesus, not to mention the much older stories of the Old Testament.

Which of these events would be more memorable?





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