God’s Not Dead, Chapter 2 – Faith is the Product of Thinking (pt19)


Faith involves reasoning, remembering, and researching or study. Faith is hard work.

This is really a matter of debate. Like the girl I spoke of in the last post, faith can be the result of ignorance just as it can be the result of hard work. The author quotes C. S. Lewis speaking about how often his thoughts and feelings would turn to Christianity but he doesn’t mention that C. S. Lewis was raised Christian. The way we are raised impacts us more than we think at the time. Lewis was raised to believe and understand that the things around him were caused by god, it is not unreasonable to think that when times are hard or something strange happens your mind would “remember” what you were once taught about the world to explain the occurrence. It still happens to me and I’ve heard many, many atheists who were raised believing recount stories of how their initial reaction to an event was instinctual and went to the believing position.

Think back, you’ve probably had something similar happen to you. Say you’re driving down the road and see something in the middle of the road. Instinctively you think ‘Oh, no, someone’s hit a dog’ or the like. When you come up on it and see it is just a bag or shirt or some piece of trash you have to change your mind. It doesn’t mean that for the time you thought it was a dog, it actually was a dog. It was just an instinct from past experiences when it happened to actually be a dog. You weren’t right this time, the instinctual feelings we have aren’t always accurate.

Lewis was saying that faith is actually holding on to what your reason has led you to conclude despite your changing moods. This is almost completely opposite of how it is represented by skeptics.

That little girl I keep bringing up has faith in Santa even though her mood changes when she doesn’t get what she asked for on Christmas morning. Faith is believing in a claim without material, verifiable, objective (vs subjective) evidence. The author’s definition of faith is ignorant, including the remark about atheists’ position on faith.


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