God’s Not Dead, Chapter 1 – Summary (pt13)


That’s it, Chapter 1 is in the bag. We’re only 18 pages into the book and so many fallacies have been apparent. I hope you have been taking the opportunity to click on the links when I insert them to learn about the different logical fallacies. I am using this blog as both a way to get the information out to people who haven’t heard of the fallacies but also for myself to reacquaint myself with them.

The summary provided by the author is little more than babbling, just as I have done. Like most things the first chapter is little more than a very nonspecific chapter but if the amount of problems in just this one is comparable to the rest of the book we are in for a long road. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment, especially if you have the book and are reading along. If you think I’ve made an error let me know and if need be I’ll address it in its own post.



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