God’s Not Dead, Chapter 1 – Why God’s Existence Matters (pt12)


This subsection is begun with a story from the University of Buenos Aires with the author talking to a couple of atheist students. One of the students asks ‘why god’s existence matters’ and Broocks likens it to the student writing a song.

What would you do if you wrote a song for those noble reasons and someone either denied you wrote the song or mistakenly gave credit to someone else for writing it instead of you? Would that bother you?

Looking like he knew I was going to make a bigger point, he agreed, “Yes, I would be upset if I didn’t get recognized as the author of the song I wrote.”

I paused for just a moment. “What if you created a planet?”

Another problematic argument. This student could and would provide evidence in support his claim of ownership/authorship of any song with disputed origins; God is being hotly debated in the present day and some material evidence would go a long way in his favor if it were produced. Also, “what if you created a planet?” is a bit of a stretch. One (at least myself) would hope that a being with power enough to create a universe ex nihilo wouldn’t be troubled with its own ego.

This subsection (hell, nearly this whole book) could have just a few words changed and be presented as the “overwhelming evidence for the existence of” any other god.

 bah dum tiss…


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