God’s Not Dead, Chapter 1 – Breaking News (pt11)


The greatest idea in history, the one that has produced the most significant and enduring benefit to humanity, is Jesus Christ.

I wonder if the author understands the significance of this very sentence. “The greatest idea in history…” That’s ‘Breaking News’ right there, the author admits Jesus is/was an idea. Of course the author doesn’t intend to indicate that Jesus was just an idea created in the heads of man, he points to Jesus as being God’s idea to save humanity. This explanation has its own problems. God

God’s idea to come to earth as a human, undeniably demonstrating the power of truth, has given us the ultimate message of hope, called the gospel or good news.

God fashioned Jesus into an idea to save the human race from the problem of sin which He Himself had created. Troubling to say the least.

Seems like a bunch of short subsections to end the 1st chapter but stick with it and we’ll make it through.


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