God’s Not Dead, Chapter 1 – What 9/11 Taught Us (pt10)


This subsection is little more than the author stroking his ego about his actions after the horrific attack on America on Sep. 11, 2001. I must say that if I had the resources to fly to New York “every Sunday night” setting up a church to hold services after the disaster would not be anywhere near the top of my list.

Well, if there’s anything 9/11 taught us, it’s that all religions are not the same. The god that told those men to get in airplanes and come to this city and hurt people is not the same God that inspired us to get into airplanes each week and come here and help people.

All beliefs are not equal. Some are true, and others are false.

How are we to tell the difference? Should we presuppose that all gods exist until each one is proven false? No, we can’t do that All religions claim the same evidence in support of their god claim. All Christians deny the existence of Allah or Brahma or Zeus just as I deny the god of the Bible. How can the author dismiss ‘those men’s’ god and in the same breath criticize the atheistic movement for dismissing his?



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