Schooled by a Schoolgirl

Field Notes From Fatherhood

All of the kids, having dinner on the terrace. All of the kids, having dinner on the terrace.

A teenage girl just taught me something important. We seem so focused on what we should and can and must teach our children that I guess sometimes we forget that they often have lessons of their own to impart.

Two of my seemingly innumerable nieces and nephews recently came to stay with us, on a brief stop-over on part of a much larger, longer European backpacking tour. They came with friends and a couple of adult chaperones, two ladies with whom we fell instantly in love.

Teenagers are notorious for, well, teenagerly stuff in general, mostly angst, lust, gluttony, sloth, and one or two other cardinal sins. This lot was no different. They lolled in bed like dart-tranquilized walruses in the mornings, gorged like tapeworms on every morsel of food that passed their way, and immersed themselves in their personal technology, little islands of…

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