In The Year 5000

Everyone knows about my connection to the Harry Potter universe; it’s how I have made many friends, I immortalized it in tattoo on my leg, and most importantly of all it sparked the connection to the woman I asked to be my wife. It is not unthinkable that I would relate much of my life and stories to the series and as such I bring you this post.

If someone in the future were to look back and try to line up the events of the Harry Potter series to our history, do you think they would be able to?

There are factual locations and events in the series that could be used as evidence of it occurring in our world, but we have other sources of evidence that say some of the events didn’t occur. Which are we to believe, this single book or the accepted history? The timeline of the late 20th century could be adapted to fit the events in the series; we have had wars, bridges have fallen, explosions have happened. Some of the more mystical events must be taken on faith to have happened because there isn’t any other evidence that they did or could have happened. (Please note: I am not saying that the events of the series ever happened or ever could have or will happen)

If the timeline that has been set up from multiple sources in history must be adapted to fit just this one story/book, perhaps there is a possibility that the story was made up, or at the very least had some changes throughout history that have damaged its factual basis.

I hope you agree that the above scenario is outlandish to say the least. Please understand how intellectually dishonest this act is. In order to make the story contained in one book seem factual we are told that we should change what is accepted of so many separate sources that have been used to construct our history.

We (the people of our time) have records from the Egyptians, and they are almost universally agreed upon to be an accurate history of the people of the time. If the stories in the bible were literal historical accounts it would easily be discovered in the records of the Egyptians. The proposed timeline of the bible has been made to match up with the records of the Egyptians but only by ‘correcting’ the Egyptian records and the dates associated with them.

I would not state that none of the stories in the bible ever occurred but I am confident enough to state that some of the ‘facts’ contained in the true stories most likely have been exaggerated or falsified, either purposefully or not. I will say that the events of the bible are NOT a literal, factual, history of our people and should only be accepted as true as we would accept Harry Potter. Basically there are parts that are true, there are parts that are exaggerations of reality, and there are parts that are unbelievable.

I hope every gets the titular reference there, if not please click here.


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