It’s that time of the year

This time of year is somewhat hectic for most people but I will have to say my family has it bad this year.

Along with the regular annual commitments like Christmas our family adds on mine and Crystal’s anniversary (6years now), my birthday, family members’ birthday, forgetting the house keys and having to drive an hour back to get them, we have the pleasure to announce that we are expecting another little bundle of DNA.


Had a great time at uncle Mike and Aunt Jamie’s house with my dad (poppy), my sister, my paternal grandparents (GGMA and GGPA), and of course Mike and Jamie. Sariah had a great time and got too many gifts, and this was just the first get together.

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Sariah’s school had a small Christmas party and I’m glad that my work schedule allows me to attend those things. The kids from each of the classes sang some songs and then we ate some goodies.



Diana took Sariah to ICE at Gaylord Opryland and had an excellent time from what the pictures seem. We then made our way to my mom’s (Granna), and had a great time celebrating the season together with her, my sister, and my maternal grandmother (Nanny) and my aunt Bonnie.
We are currently at Crystal’s parents’ (Grammy and Grampy). The Bible story has been read and stockings raided with Uncle Parker and Austin and Kyra (or Hope, or Snow). Presents to be opened in the morning and a day of games and being together before going back home to get ready for work on the big day.

A crazy busy time of the year but thankfully we have been able to see nearly everyone in such a short period of time. It’s not about the gifts, I know, but I do wish I had more to give.


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