The Luckiest Man in the World

My darling girls, Crystal and Sariah. Thinking of them makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world.

If you’re reading this you’ve likely read some of my previous posts which if we did the math are likely 50% or more about Sariah. Its strange to think that at some point in the future I could possibly have another child. Truthfully its a bit scary to imagine having two kids to take care of, to have money enough to care for, to have room enough in our apartment for. For all of the scary parts, having gone through raising Sariah into the wonderful person she is, I would do anything I had to do in order to care for my children.

I may be biased in saying this but Sariah is the smartest child I’ve ever had the liberty to meet. I do believe that Crystal and I have gotten off easy on the parenting thing. We have all had our battles over the little things and I know we will have plenty more but for the most part it has been trivial and we all learn from them and they make us better kids and parents.

My love, Crystal.

It is very difficult to imagine my life if I hadn’t met her. I love the song A Woman Like You by Lee Brice, though I don’t know if Crystal does. Its easy to imagine all of our problems being gone but like so many things that’s just not how it would be. I am glad to have her going through these problems with me and we are able to lean on each other through them all.

We met at Austin Peay, connected by Harry Potter and our love of books, and grew close very quickly. We’ve made it through and we’re planning many more years together. These are all first experiences for us but thankfully we’ve got each other.

I love you both so much that one little blog post would never convince you of it. I try everyday to make my feelings known and I know I have my faults but keep with me and I’ll make it worth it.


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