Today I must give another thankful post that will likely be seen my some to be superficial but I am just overwhelmed by Pinterest.

Remember back in the day when you had to think of craft ideas yourself or get an idea from a monthly magazine? Remember when dinner was the same meals rotated through until we got an idea for something new? Remember when holidays could be simply decorated for? Well, not anymore!

Pinterest is the Borg of crafty/recipe/design ideas. A hive of people sharing their tips and tricks with everyone else. We’ve been lucky enough to get a few good recipes and craft ideas from there but like anything else there is always a darker side. The majority of pins either don’t link to the item they should or the idea just doesn’t pan out. For those lucky few ideas that do work our lives are made a little better.

I am glad that Pinterest is around because it gives Sariah and I some ideas of things to do when we’re home, and it also gives Crystal and I some recipes to help mix up our rotation. If you haven’t tried it, you should but be warned it can be addictive.


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