I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the accomplishments of men like Dawkins, Hichens, Harris, and Dennett.

The so called Four Horsemen have been the most outspoken freethinker/atheists of our generation. These four men are by no means the only voices out there, we must also mention Matt Dillahunty, Lawrence Krauss, et al. You would be correct in assuming that they each had a hand in my apostasy but they aren’t the only ones and they haven’t only taught me about the shortcomings of religion. More than actually teaching me stuff they taught me that it was ok to question and to speak out.

For as long as there have been gods there have been those who doubt the claims. For as long as a god has been the answer for some phenomenon there have been scientific answers to come and explain them. Only in today’s modern world are those people and those claims able to be voiced without as much fear of retaliation. There are still parts of our world that won’t allow this free speech but slowly we will get there.

Making the decision to abandon religion and its safety net of belief is one of the largest decisions that most people could make in their lives, I know it has been for me. I wish I could thank them but they have helped so many people I am just a drop in the ocean.


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