I write today to give credit to those of our past who have gotten us to where we are and those of our present attempting to get us to our future. The engineers who have developed so much technology for which we are all so thankful.

It is hard to imagine living 1000, 100, or even 50 years ago. Waking up with no alarm, not watching the news, not getting on the internet for news, not being able to talk with family every single day. You may think it selfish or not in the spirit of the month but I don’t. I love having my iPad being able to look up literally anything my mind thinks about and I want to know more about at any time. I love being able to take a device in my pocket with me anywhere that can play music, search the internet, hold my books, and some times make calls.

Technology is an integral part of our world and I am not ashamed to be grateful of it. We all would be hard pressed to go back and live in the world our parents or their parents lived in. Embrace it but don’t let it be more important than the physical connections with family and friends.


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