Not everyday of this month can be super personal, so, today I write about something I am glad we have in our world, books.

“Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?

– Henry Ward Beecher

I can certainly vouch for the above quote. I must actively contain myself when I am around books. I have, many times, bought books when I shouldn’t have and I know at least a few of my friends including my dear wife have done the same.

The best part about books is the ability to immerse yourself into another universe. I love the depth of information that is available in the book that is just unable to be transferred to the movie screen. With the growing movie industry and the even larger digital revolution on our hands much of the power that books held in history is receding. Although I love the fact that I can carry around my Kindle or iPad and have hundreds or thousands of books at my fingertips, I have not lost the love of books.

Even still, one of my main goals for that dream house I am building in my mind is a library. Perhaps one of the reasons I loved Beauty and the Beast so much is my relation to Belle’s love of books and her fascination with the castle’s library.

Walking in to a bookstore has a smell that is instantly recognizable. I love the smell of the old pages and the thought of how many hands have handled them throughout their history. Opening one to see a small note or name scrawled in the margins is awesome. To know that this item you hold in your hand was once owned and loved by someone else links you to the past.

I will end with a warning. Books can be powerful objects, the words within them can be thought true by one person and false by another. How are we to determine who is correct?



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