In being thankful for my life today I can not overlook the time I spent in the Boy Scouts of America. Today I give commendations to Kenny and Donald.

I am unable to remember how I came to be in troop 454 but I have no doubt that it included Kenny. Instead of attempting to patch together a timeline of my time in the scouts I would rather remember some of the better parts. The best way to do this will likely be just a simple list.

– rain on nearly every campout

– the multitudes of medals and awards won by our troop

– close friends sharing poorly cooked food around a campfire

– getting a fire so hot the metal barrell holding the coals turns red hot

– the rain

– too much salt in the catfish batter? add sugar that’ll help!

– mud from the rain while eating spaghetti made with deer meat

– the snowy campouts

– building our trebuchet 

– Andy jumping for the rope swing and fracturing his femur

– taking Andy out on an air mattress

– the short lived exercise routine for the troop

– summers spent at Boxwell

– did I mention the rain? cause it rained on almost every campout.

– achieving Eagle rank

– having a great time with my family and friends at my Eagle reception, presenting Donald with his eagle and my dear mother with hers


I am most proud of myself for having achieved this feat even though recently my thoughts towards the BSA have been skewed. I will not delve deeper into this right now but stay tuned for an upcoming post about them.

I can’t say enough thanks to Donald and Kenny for making me into the man I am today. Beyond their personal experiences when they were with the troop they were our leaders, our guides, even our role models. I have no doubt that they gave more to us than they were expected to have done. Spending their own money on equipment, taking time off of work to take us out camping and to Boxwell, and being open and available to each of us when ever we needed them.


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