Thinking about the past lately, especially with these thankfulness posts. One of my fondest memories brings up one word.

The reason I say that is when thinking back, one of the largest and best memories I have is my trip to Italy. The summer of 2004 a group of us from JoByrns High School connected with Explorica care of Ms. Owens and Ms. Dozier. Our group of about 15 toured across the great country of Italia for almost two weeks, making memories and fulfilling dreams.

Connections were made on that trip between some of us students and the teachers too. I have a photo album stuffed with pictures from this trip but it just feels like the memories could so easily slip away. Along with the pictures, I have mementos collected in a box plus everything I have in my scrapbook. Even with all of those pictures I feel I missed capturing some moments. I remember them now as glimpses of my past and I wish I had taken the advice of the tour group and kept a better journal.

Under the Tuscan Sun recently come out and had taken the top spot on both my favorite movie list and my dream destination list. Even to this day the movie holds a special spot on my list and Italy holds an even more special spot in my heart. I dream that someday I will make it back.

I must take this opportunity to say grazie to my grandparents as well. If it weren’t for Grands 1&2 (now called GGMA and GGPA) I would never have been able to go on this trip.

Thank you so very much to everyone who made this memory of mine.


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