I am so very grateful to have a job at Gateway Medical Center and work with some of the best people I’ve ever known.

As many of you know I work the weekend shift in the lab at Gateway. It is, no joke, the best job in the world. I remember a quote from growing up, I know it is routinely attributed to Confucius but I’m going to leave it anonymous.

Find a job you love,

and you’ll never work

a day in your life.

I love my job. I knew I would from the first moments of talking to Dr. Rob back at APSU. It is hard to imagine that I have been working for nearly five years and made through nearly four years of college since then. As part of the Medical Technology program I did my clinical rotation at Maury Regional Medical Center and got my first job there while still a student. After I passed my ASCP certification exam (YAY!) I was allowed to become a full Tech there at Maury. I worked the weekend midnight shift with great ladies.

Just a note to any guys reading this that potentially have lab work in their future. From the outside it seems like its a man’s world but we are definitely the minority. I do not say that to put the ladies down, I love working with them.

After Maury I moved up here to Clarksville and became a Med Tech here at Gateway. I have recently taken over as the charge tech for the weekends and I think I’ll do well in the position. If I can say so of myself, I have pretty good people skills. I try my best to keep the air light with humor especially when I know tensions are rising. I have no problem being the one laughed at so long as it is for a good cause.

Tension is unavoidable in today’s workplace with people having to work longer hours for less pay and personal problems spilling over into the work environment. Our weekend shifters are hard workers. Admittedly, we don’t always have the workflow of some days of the week but truthfully neither do some of the weekdays. We all work hard and through the long hours working together have formed valuable friendships. From trivia night to Halloween at the Zoo, thanks to all of you guys and, mostly, gals.


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