A Ghastly Night with my Family and Friends

Another first for me this Halloween season, the family and I made our way to Ghouls at Grassmere, the Halloween event for the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.


This was pretty fun even though I do wish we had been able to get there a bit earlier we did miss the majority of the crowd. This event is centered around the under 12 crowd of children and Sariah had a great time.


On the signs some of the locations or events were labeled with a ghost-meter for the level of scare, but I found out that it really was nothing to think about as even the highest level of 3 ghosts didn’t phase even the youngest of the children who went through.

We were able to meet up with some friends from work and their children; including Nick, Lauren, Addison, Shannon, Chad, and Harper.

Our favorite part of the night was the hay ride. It was very difficult to get a good picture while on the ride with the dark and the constant movement so no picture here. After the hay ride we made our way to the carousel. The workers attempted to put some fun-scaring in the ride by playing some Halloween music and flickering the lights but again the only screams I heard (save those from Harper, sorry Shannon) were screams of enjoyment as the lights turned out. Below I have added a video of the ride, hopefully it is watchable.


Just down the path from the Carousel was the Monster Mash. The lively music was great to listen to and the sight of all of those kids having so much fun dancing their hearts away was awesome. It was a blast watching Shannon attempt to get Harper to dance in the Monster Mash.


After the dance party the group split up because Addison and Harper had already gone through the trick-or-treating part and were ready to go home to get warm and snuggle in bed. We made our way down to the trick-or-treating area. Although many people agree that its a good idea to not make every treat actually candy some of the non-potable treats weren’t as fun. The booths were set up around the paths by volunteers who seemed genuinely happy to be there for the kids.


The trick-or-treating path wound its way through the Jungle Loop, from the meerkats down to the Bamboo Trail and over to Flamingo Lagoon and back . Very few of the animals were visible which in itself was a bit spooky. Think about it, as I did while walking down there, tigers are somewhere over there in the dark and because they are felines they are most likely nocturnal and are most likely awake right now watching us… spooky. We were able to see the new kangaroo exhibit, though we were not able to walk through it, and the flamingos were out and picking at each other.


Just past the flamingos, nearing the end of the trick-or-treating, a troll stood guard asking us to leave. Well, he was supposed to be standing guard but he was actually asleep for most of the time but awoke just enough to tell us goodbye. Click the picture to see the video of his goodbye message.


On the way back to the exit through Zoo Central above the Unseen New World was a small museum of oddities, people and things. Along the trail inside was a collector of oddities including shrunken brains, an eye ball from a cyclops, and the invisible man’s brain. Next we came to Dracula’s neice who explained about vampires and asked us to tell her uncle that she had his hat if we saw him around the Zoo. Past her was a jungle explorer who explained about the many creepy crawlies that lie in wait in the darkness of the rain forests.


After the explorer we came upon a mad scientist who showed us her rat/snake hybrid she had created and the potion she was brewing. Around the corner was a doctor performing an autopsy on an alien corpse that had crash landed nearby. Strangely enough the innards of the alien were made up of worms.


The next station was a lady showing her cooking skills with her face pizza with insect toppings and a side of eyeballs.


Overall I had a great time with Sariah and Crystal at the Zoo for Ghouls at Grassmere. If I must have at least one critical remark I will say with all of the sponsors that seemed to be included in this event the price could be better. As members of the Zoo we still paid $12 each to get in. We came out with happy memories, a cold and tired child, a bit of candy, and maybe best of all a cool glow-in-the-dark cup! I’ll leave you with the message that greeted everyone on their way out.



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