Genesis 50

Genesis 50 – The Death of Joseph

Jacob has died, Joseph weeps and then commands that his father be embalmed which took 40 days back then. It even says the Egyptians mourned for him.

Joseph goes to Pharaoh to tell him of the oath he made with his father to bury him in the land of his fathers. Pharaoh accepted and told Joseph to go and to do as he had sworn.

Joseph didn’t go alone though. He took with him everyone from his father’s house, everyone from his house, his brothers (and likely their families), the elders of the land of Egypt and all the servants of Pharaoh.

It says they left only the herds, flocks, and the little ones in Goshen. Undoubtedly they also left the women but they just aren’t notable enough to the authors of the bible.

v.9, It was a very great company. No doubt, with all of those people the group was likely no less than 100 people.

On the journey Joseph had the group stop for seven days to mourn again, but the group and the sons of Jacob fulfilled their obligation and buried him in the cave.

After returning from the burial Joseph’s brothers were afraid that Joseph would change. They feared that since their father was gone Joseph do them like they had done him. Because of their fear they sent a message to Joseph containing a message that Jacob had supposedly wanted Joseph to receive before his death.

The message was for Joseph to forgive his brothers for the evil they had committed against him.

The brothers came to Joseph and bowed before him and said they were his servants but Joseph responded by telling them that he is no god. He explained that the evil they committed against him was god’s plan for good to save the people from the famine. He reassured them that he would take care of them and their families.

Joseph stayed in Egypt and lived long enough to see the third generation born. Joseph tells his family that even though he was to die god would bring them out of the land to the land that he had promised to Abraham and then to Isaac and then to Jacob and then to himself.

Four generations of promises that THEY and their children would control that land and they have yet to. How many promises can be made and not followed through and still be believed?

Joseph dies at 110, he is embalmed and laid to rest in a coffin in EGYPT.


So, not only the promises about the land but also about getting out of Egypt. Jacob was promised just like Joseph that god would deliver them from the land but now both have died in Egypt. Jacob’s body was at least taken out and buried with his fathers’ but Joseph was laid to rest in Egypt.


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