Genesis 47

Genesis 47 – Jacob Blesses Pharaoh

Joseph brings five of his brothers to Pharaoh to present them and let him know that they had gotten there and settled in. Whats the first question Pharaoh asks of them? What they do for a living. They answer with the truth even though Joseph had told them directly to lie. They tell the Pharaoh that they are shepherds.

They explain that they have brought their herds to stay in the land because of the famine. Pharaoh tells Joseph that they can live in the land of Goshen in the best part of the land. He even offers that if any of them are good with cattle they should be placed in charge of the Pharaoh’s herds.

Joseph then brings his father to Pharaoh and Jacob blesses him. This verse is usually cited as a problem because it says Jacob blessed Pharaoh in v.7 and also again in v.10. I can easily explain this because of the many times the bible repeats and repeats itself with single verses used to unnecessarily sum up something that will be explained just after. But in this case the two verses are actually nearly the same thing and don’t actually explain the blessing at all.

jacob blesses pharaoh

Pharaoh inquires about Jacob and his age. Jacob responds that he is 130 and that he hadn’t yet reached the age of his fathers.

Joseph gets the land for his father and brothers and gives them bread to settle them in.

When the bread runs out because of the famine the people of the country come to Joseph because he had collected all the money that had been given to buy corn. The people ask for bread but Joseph tells them they must sell their cattle in exchange for the bread. Thank goodness god placed someone in charge of the food so people wouldn’t die from the famine, someone less worthy may have used this as an opportunity to get rich.

The year after this the people return but tell Joseph that he has their money from buying corn and their herds from buying bread. They explain that they have nothing left but their land and their bodies.

The people ask for bread and seeds in exchange for their land and their servitude. Joseph takes the land of all the people for the Pharaoh. He did not take the land of the priests because the land and their stuff was already Pharaoh’s.

Joseph moved all of the people whom he had bought to cities around the land of Egypt and gave them seeds to sow. They are made to work the land and anything they get from the crops is theirs less one fifth that they must give to Pharaoh.

Jacob lived 17 years after moving to Goshen when he died at 147. What happened to that promise god made that said he would get him out of Egypt? Unless you count Joseph taking Jacob’s body back.


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