Genesis 45

Genesis 45 – Joseph Reveals Himself

Joseph was unable to control himself during the meal and began to cry. He shooed everyone out of the room except for his brothers whom he revealed himself to.

Joseph Makes Himself Known to His Brothers Genesis 45:1-15

His brothers were troubled when he told them of his true identity but he reassured them to not be mad at themselves for what they had done. He said that their selling him as a slave was part of god’s plan to save life.

This is a strange thing to think about; god had a person sold into slavery for many years to help the Egyptians make it through the famine that he was going to cause. What about the other millions of people around the world that were affected, are we to believe that the Egyptians saving just one fifth of their harvests for seven years would have saved enough food to supply the world for another seven years? I may digress but these questions need to be asked and answered if the bible is to be taken as a literal account of historical events.

Joseph tells his brothers to go to his father and tell him that ALL of his sons are alive and well and to make his way to Egypt too. He tells them to bring every person and every animal nearer to Egypt to the land of Goshen so they would be close enough to survive the remaining five years of the famine.

The Pharaoh heard of the reunion and was pleased that his Zaphenathpaneah had family and they were going to be closer to live through the famine. Pharaoh tells the brothers of Joseph to take supplies and return with the house of their father, he even tells them to take his wagons so the women and children wouldn’t have to walk.

Joseph gave his brothers the wagons and supplies and a change of clothing each except for Benjamin. To Benjamin he gave 300 pieces of silver and five changes of clothing. He even sent supplies for his father and his trip.

The brothers made their way to Jacob and told him of everything about Joseph. He didn’t believe them until he saw all of the supplies that the brothers had brought along with them. Jacob, well Israel in this particular verse, said that was enough evidence and he believed them and agreed to go and see before he died.




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