Genesis 44

Genesis 44 – The Silver Cup

As Joseph is sending off his brothers for the second time, he has their sacks filled and their money returned again, he also has his silver cup put into Benjamin’s bag.

After they left Joseph had his servant go unto them and find the cup and accuse them of stealing it.

The brothers explain that they wouldn’t steal and had even brought back the money from the first time they tried to buy food. They even offer that if it is found the one who had it could be killed and the others made into servants.

As the search continued, the cup was found in Benjamin’s bag.


They all returned to Joseph’s house. Joseph demands that the one who was found with the cup become his servant and the rest could leave in peace. Judah explains that one of their father’s children had died (Joseph) and the youngest was supposed to have stayed with their father.

Judah explains what happened when they told Jacob that they couldn’t return to Egypt to buy more food unless Benjamin came with them and how Jacob had reacted to his youngest son having to leave. He explains that Jacob would surely die if they returned without Benjamin.

Judah explains that if Benjamin was not returned Judah would bear the blame of it. Because of this Judah asks to take the place of Benjamin in servitude.


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