Genesis 43

Genesis 43 – The Sons of Jacob Return to Egypt


After refusing to allow his sons return to Egypt with Benjamin, Jacob tells his sons to return and buy more food. They tell their father that ‘the man’ (Joseph) told them they were not to return unless they bring Benjamin.

Jacob responds with anger basically asking why they didn’t lie to the man and not tell him of their other brother so Jacob wouldn’t have to go through this.

The brothers respond that they didn’t know the man would require them to bring their brother they thought they were just talking about family.

Judah says, (just like Reuben did in the last chapter), that he will take the blame if Benjamin wasn’t returned.

Jacob agrees to allow them to return with Benjamin to buy more food but also tells them to bring ‘the man’ gifts of myrrh, honey, balm, nuts, spices, and double money to make up for the fact that they returned with the money from last time.

When they had returned to Egypt, Joseph had them to eat lunch with him. The brothers were scared that they were going to be taken as slaves because they had left the first time with their money.

They tell Joseph of how they found their money in the inn (but then again also at their father’s house, hmm) from the first time they tried to buy food and that they had brought it back to pay. They explained that they didn’t know how they had been given their money again.

v.23, Joseph says peace be with you that god had given them the money and said he had gotten the money they had paid and then he brings out Simeon. No timeline is given for the time between the first visit and the second and Jacob hadn’t said anything about one of his sons having not returned from the first visit. How long had Simeon been left there? Did Joseph come clean to him while he was there?

During lunch the brothers offered their gifts and Joseph asked of the welfare of their father. When he looked upon his youngest brother Benjamin he was brought to tears so he ran to his bedroom so they wouldn’t see.

A strange eating arrangement because Hebrews and Egyptians weren’t to eat together. So, the brothers at one table, the Egyptians at one table, and Joseph at his own. Even so they drank and were merry.



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