Genesis 40

Genesis 40 – Joseph Interprets Dreams

The butler, the baker, and the candlestick maker… um, no I mean Joseph. The butler, the baker, and Joseph are all in jail.

The baker and butler incurred the wrath of the Pharaoh and were imprisoned with Joseph. A small question here; The end of the last chapter had Joseph overseeing the prisoners in the jail but in v.3 it says the baker and butler were in prison where Joseph was bound. The captain, Potiphar, made Joseph to serve them during their imprisonment. I don’t see how theseĀ things can go together was he bound and still the servant to the imprisoned.

You know, the bible would probably be half the density it is if the recap/rewritten verses like v.5.

Joseph comes to them in the morning and asks why they look sad. They tell him they had dreams but no one around to interpret them.

Strangely in the same sentence Joseph tells them that interpretations should be left to god and then asks them to tell him of their dreams.

The butler explains his dream as three grape vines which gave ripe grapes. He had the Pharaoh’s cup and pressed the grapes into the cup and then gave the cup to the Pharaoh.

Biblical Scene

Joseph interprets the three vines to mean three days and the butler will return to his job of giving the Pharaoh his cup. Joseph adds that the butler should show kindness to Joseph and mention him to the Pharaoh to get him out of jail. He tells them the story of his being sold into slavery by his brothers and that he was innocent to the charges of Potiphar’s wife.

The baker was happy to hear such a good interpretation that he told of his dream; He had three white baskets on his head, in the top basket were some baked goods for the Pharaoh but the birds were pecking and eating them.

The baker's dream

Joseph interprets the baskets to mean three days and the baker will be hung from a tree and the birds will eat the flesh from him.

v.20 skips ahead three days with no mention of the reaction of the baker to the interpretation. So, the awaited day just happens to be the Pharaoh’s birthday and because he wanted a feast he returned the butler to his job but hung the baker.

The interpretations came true but the butler forgot Joseph and did not mention him to Pharaoh.

Just one big question that was already asked. Why would Joseph interpret the dreams if he said the interpretations were for god?



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