Genesis 39

Genesis 39 – Joseph in Egypt


Again in v.1 it says the Ishmeelites sold Joseph into Egypt not the Medianites. We’ll never know.

Joseph was a good slave basically because in his time in Potiphar’s house he was made the overseer of the house. Because Joseph was Potiphar’s slave god blesses Potiphar and everything that is his. What a glaring endorsement of slavery if I’ve ever seen one. It says the blessing was for Joseph’s sake but I think something that would be better even for all the slaves of the world would be to END SLAVERY not give the master better crops and herds.

It says in v.6 Potiphar wasn’t even aware of everything he had except the ‘bread which he did eat’. Joseph was running everything.

Eventually the wife of his master had eyes for Joseph and wanted to have sex with him. He refused saying that he was in charge of everything and knew everything about the household, he says Potiphar has given him everything except her. He wouldn’t do the wicked thing and ‘sin’ against god.

She was persistant in v.10 she spoke to him everyday telling him to lie with her but he wouldn’t listen to her.

One day, when he came into the house noone was around, she grabbed him by his clothes, and instead of having sex with her he ran away naked having ripped his clothes because she was holding on to them.

She was mad! She told all of the men of the house that he tried to rape her but he ran away when she screamed. She retells the story to Potiphar and his ‘wrath was kindled’.

Joseph got off easy only being put into jail and in jail even it seems he was put in charge. v.22 the keeper of the jail made Joseph to oversee the prisoners. This is strange to say the least.


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