Genesis 28

Genesis 28 – The Wives of Jacob and Esau


v.1 we find out, kind of, why Rebekah is afraid of Jacob taking a wife of the women. They are Canaanites, the cursed people. Isaac calls Jacob and it says he blessed him and charged him to not take one of them.

Instead of the Canaanite he tells his son to go to the house of Bethuel and choose one of his COUSINS instead.

v.3 It seems like Isaac has already forgotten that Jacob deceived him because he blesses him to ‘be fruitful and multiply.’

Esau sees Jacob getting another blessing and a charge to go to Laban to take a wife and knowing that his father and mother didn’t want a Canaanite daughter-in-law, what does he do?

He goes to Ishmael to take a wife. Another wife. v.9, the took unto the wives which he had Mahalath, three wives now for Esau (the other two are in Gen. 26).

Its kind of hard for a Christian to be mad at the LDS for polygamy when their bible has so much itself.


Jacob starts his journey in v.10.

He rests one night and has a dream in which god makes the same promises he made to Abraham. Again we must question why must he make the same promises over and over again? And also, the Jewish people have never and to this day don’t possess the land in question. What happened to this promise?

When he awoke he made a makeshift altar out of his stones he had used as pillows and named the land Bethel. But if this is the naming of Bethel then the mentions of Bethel in Gen. 12 and 13 must have been anachronisms. You can’t go to Bethel before it is named Bethel. v.19 actually tells us before this time the place was called Luz.


v.22 must be the first mentioning of the tenth or tithe. There have been mentions of percents before this but the tenth is the one that is used today in the churches.


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