Genesis 27

Genesis 27 – Jacob and Rebekah fool Isaac


‘And it came to pass’ Oh my, if you’ve read the Book of Mormon you’ve heard this phrase a time or two.


So, when Isaac was old (you know older than when he was 90 tricking Abimelech) he calls Esau to him and asks him to go hunt some venison so they can eat possibly one last time.

Rebekah heard Isaac and Esau and told Jacob to go get two goats that she would cook for Isaac and hopefully Isaac would bless Jacob before he died.

Jacob saw a flaw in her plan in that he is a ‘smooth man’ and Esau is hairy. He says what if father feels me and finds out it is a deception; he would curse me instead.

Rebekah says she would take the curse because it would be her plan.

She took some of Esau’s clothing and the pelts of the goats to cover his smooth skin. She then gave him the meat and bread and sent him in to Isaac.

v.18-19, Jacob announces himself as Esau to his father.

v.1 only says he is near blind but he must also be near deaf to not hear a difference between his favored manly hunting son Esau and his smooth skinned Jacob.


Isaac was at least suspicious because he had apparently returned so quickly from the hunt. And then in v.22 he says the voice is Jacob’s but he is fooled by the goat skin on Jacobs hands.

v.27, Isaac is again fooled, this time by the smell of the clothing.

So, in v.28-29, Isaac blesses his son with many things including slaves, blessings, corn, wine, etc.


Soon after Jacob left Esau returned with his venison. He announces himself and his food to his father and Isaac says who are you. Who was that who brought food and got a blessing just before you came.

Strangely, in v.33, it says ‘yea, and he shall be blessed.’ Does god not know who the blessing was meant for? Is god also deceived by dirty laundry and goat skin? Even Esau asks to be blessed also in v.34, why can’t they both be blessed?

v.37, The blessing Jacob got apparently is nontransferable. Isaac blesses Esau to be the servant of his brother, that he will live by the sword, and he’ll live off the land.

Rightly, Esau is pissed in v.41, Esau hated Jacob. He says after he mourns his father he would slay his brother.

Someone heard of Esau’s plan and told Rebekah who told Jacob that if Esau comes to mourn with him and console his brother, it is actually a plan to get close enough to kill him. In v.45 she tells Jacob to stay aware of and likely away from his brother until his anger subsides.

The chapter ends with Rebekah telling Isaac that she is scared of the women in the country, the ‘daughters of Heth.’ She is thinking about Jacob taking one of them for his wife, but makes no mention of Esau’s future wife or why she is afraid of these women.


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