Genesis 23

Genesis 23 – Sarah Passes


Sarah, at 127, passes away.

She is the longest living female in the bible, though that could be because the bible doesn’t actually mention that many women.


Sarah dies in Kirjatharba, where is Abraham at this time? v2 says he ‘came to mourn his dead.’


I think I’ll take this chapter a little different because it is basically talking back and forth, not a story with points. So, the people of the city will be S, Abraham will be A, and Ephron will be E.


A-Sons of Heth, I am a visitor among you, give me a place to lay my wife who died here.

S-Ask for anything and it is yours, we know of you, you may have your pick.

A-Thank you, If you don’t mind where then get Ephron, he’s got a nice cave and I’ll pay whatever he wants.

E-You sir, can have it for free! The cave and the field surrounding it. Go and bury your wife.

A-I will pay whatever it is worth, just tell me a price.

E-Its only worth 400 shekels of silver; whats 400 shekels between friends? Go and bury your wife.

A-Ok, 400 it is. Here you go.


Abraham bought the land from Ephron and then buried Sarah in the field of Machpelah.


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