Genesis 17

Genesis 17 – Circumcision


At 99 (or 164) years old god appears to Abram, talks some more about the covenant, and changes his name to Abraham.


17:1-10 god talks constantly about the covenant for Abraham and his seed and then in v10 ‘every man child among you shall be circumcised.’ Really? That’s the token of the covenant, not a rainbow or something like that? Genital mutilation.


Not only are the babies talked about in v12 but also the slaves, ‘he that is bought with thy money.’ This is likely the most clear statement condoning slavery I’ve read so far. Some of the others could be considered employees or followers but this is directly said the ones ‘bought with thy money.’


Oh and he changes Sarai to Sarah as well, in v15. Then he blesses her and says he will ‘give thee a son also of her.’

Abraham then laughs at god about two old people having a child.


God then names another child, Isaac. What happened to free will?


So, v.23, Abraham circumcises himself, his 13 year old son Ishmael, all of the ‘bought with his money’ slaves, and don’t forget the slaves that were ‘born in the house’ in that very same day. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have anesthesia back then.


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