Genesis 16

Genesis 16 – Sex with the Servant


Sarai and Abram are thinking about not having an heir even though god has only just told them their descendants would outnumber the stars. v.2 Sarai tells Abram to ‘go in unto my maid,’ so she could ‘obtain children by her.’


I guess Abram hadn’t heard of the story of Adam and what happened when he listened to his wife, but he ‘hearkened to the voice of Sarai.’ Just one more time the blame is placed on the female but I think this line is meant for something else too. In v.6 Sarai ‘dealt hardly’ with her servant for DOING WHAT SHE TOLD HER.


Sarai didn’t only let Abram “know” Hagar in v.3 she ‘gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife.’ Another one for polygamy, too.


v.4 ‘he went in unto Hagar, and she conceived,’

Sarai is mad at Hagar for so easily conceiving a child with her husband she thinks god has judged between the two of them, so she beats her. Hagar runs to the well to tend to her injuries no doubt.

An angel appears to Hagar asking her where are you going, and then proceeds to tell her to ‘return to thy mistress, and submit thyself under her hands.’ Basically, be a good slave and go back so she can beat you some more, she is your master you know. Yet another okay for slavery.


The angel doesn’t leave it at that though it says her seed will multiply exceedingly (just like Abram’s, it is his kid afterall).


The angel then tells her to name her child Ishmael, and that he will be a wild child. (whatever v12 means)


In v.15 he is born while Abram is 86, or 151; remember their was a controversy that said he didn’t even leave the land of his father until after he was 135.


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