Genesis 15

Genesis 15 – Abram’s Descendants


Abram must be feeling old, he asks god why he has no heir.

Also, why would he make Eliezer the steward of his household and potential heir if he doesn’t like him and think he would deserve it and do well with it?


Again god says Abram’s descendents will be innumerable and they would inherit the land. Rightly, Abram asks god ‘whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?’ God requires an animal sacrifice for some reason then Abram has a vision.

Apparently the only way god could make sure Abram would believe that he would inherit the land to is tell him a dream. This doesn’t seem any better than god having told him already, but whatever.


A little foreshadowing here; god says the Hebrews will be captive, the land will be plagued, they will come out with great substance, and Abram will live a long life.


In v.18, god says he made a covenant with Abram to give the land from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates. Why is there so much fighting over the Gaza Strip while all the land between Egypt and the Euphrates should be Hebrew too?


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