Genesis 14

Genesis 14 – To War


A great war between many nations is underway and because Lot chose to set up camp near Sodom he his taken captive.

When Abram hears about his brother, he sends 318 armed servants to rescue Lot. Another oddly specific detail and a reference to slavery.

v.15, they kill everyone and take the spoils of war and Lot back with them.

Melchizedek comes to bless Abram.

The spoils of war are set out and the king of Sodom says Abram can have all of the goods if he can have the people. Abram says he told god that he wouldn’t take anything so they couldn’t then say they had a hand in making Abram rich and powerful.


This is a big moment for the LDS folk, this the first mention of a Melchizedek priesthood blessing, which they hold so dear.


Two anachronisms exist in this chapter:

First – in v.7 it states the Amalekites were all ‘smote,’ but Amalek who the Amalekites were named after wasn’t born until Gen. 36:12.

Second – in v.14, it states Abram and his slave army pursued those who took Lot ‘unto Dan,’ but according to Judges 18:29 the city of Dan hadn’t been named Dan yet. It was named Laish until Laish was destroyed and renamed.


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