Genesis 11

Genesis 11 – The Tower of Babel

Let’s look back just a few verses before we begin the story of the tower of Babel.

10:5, 20, and 31 make mention of the sons of Noah after leaving the ark going and “dividing” the land and beginning their towns each ‘after his/their tongues.’

This is clearly a reference to their each having a different language to differentiate the civilizations from each other after the flood, but in just 11:1 we have a contradictory statement, ‘the whole earth was of one language.’

‘and of one speech’ so they didn’t just all speak the same language they spoke the same dialect.

I will agree that some supposed contradictions in the bible can be explained away easily but this one is clear.

v3-4, the people decide to make a tower in the land of Shinar. Strangely, in v.5, it says ‘the lord came down to see the city and the tower.’ I thought he could see everything from his throne, why would he need to come to earth to see it? Also, if he couldn’t see it they weren’t anywhere close to building their tower to heaven…just let physics and gravity do their job.

v.6, god says because the people are building this tower and working together, ‘nothing will be restrained from them.’ I’ll agree to some extent with this statement, if we could work together and stop fighting we could get so much more done.

What does god do when he sees them working so well together? v.7 ‘Let US go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.’

Another reference to multiple gods? yep. (see also, Gen. 1:26, 3:22)

So, to keep the humans from working together and potentially doing so much good, maybe even getting to heaven and becoming gods themselves he confounded the language of all the earth. This is another story that reeks of jealousy, pride, and fear of humans.

The rest of Chapter 11 is more genealogy that is barely worth reading except for two points.

First, what happened to living 900 years? Also, god did say the life of man would be 120 years, why are there some who live longer than this after that decree in Gen 6:3?

Second, v.26 says ‘Terah lived seveny years, and begat Abram.’ but the Quran says, ‘Abraham said unto his father Azar.’

I am sure you will say the bible is correct but the Quran has just as much evidence and history as the bible does, tells the same stories, and, like here, mentions some of the same characters.

How can you be so sure the bible is the correct version of the stories?

Because the bible says so?

The Quran says it is the true and only way to god, too. I am not endorsing the Quran over the bible but I would like to make you think about why you actually believe the bible more than other documents about historical gods and stories.



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