Genesis 9

Chapter 9 – The Flood and The Curse


We’ve come a long way from the vegetarians in 1:29; in v.2 ‘the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth…fowl…fishes.’ V.3 ‘Every living thing that liveth shall be meat for you,’

Basically, eat ‘em all. No word about clean and dirty animals and you could expect that because the flood was made to cleanse the earth, why would there be any dirty animals left, but make sure you take the blood out?!

Amazingly, just after he completely obliterates the population of the earth, in v.6, he has the gaul to say ‘Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed,’


The Rainbow


But then he tries to make it up to the only 8 remaining people on the earth by saying he’d put the rainbow in the sky so a flood wouldn’t destroy mankind again.

Just one thing to remember about the rainbow; it was set in the sky to remind HIMSELF to not do it again, not to remind us that he wouldn’t do it again like we were taught. See v.15, ‘And I will remember my covenant,’ and v.16, ‘that I may remember the everlasting covenant,’

I’ve said a lot about the scripture part of the rainbow but I must say something….we know what makes rainbows! That’s science, it is no longer a mysterious phenomenon we attribute to the god/s. Thunder and lightning, earthquakes, the tides, the seasons, and SO MUCH MORE were once the work of the gods but are now well understood and explained by science. Why would we still give the rainbow to god?


The Curse of Canaan


Another thing that is explained by science is birth defects linked to interbreeding and incest. V.19 clearly states that the whole earth was populated by the sons of Noah. Questionably it says nothing about Noah helping to repopulate. Just to be complete, this is the second time the earth is said to have been populated from a single family.


So, the only just and perfect human was saved from a global disaster, what’s one of the first things he does in v.20-21? Plants a vineyard, gets drunk, and passes out naked.

When his son, Ham, saw him passed out naked, he told his brothers who went to great lengths to cover their father up without seeing him.

v.24, Noah wakes up and ‘knew what his younger son had done unto him.’ What? Saw him naked? How would he know except that he was covered up, and how would he have known it was Ham immediately?

What does he do? Curses Ham.  … Wrong, he curses Ham’s son, Canaan.

Apparently, immediately he sets up a hierarchy of his sons because of this accident. Canaan shall be the servant of Shem and ‘a servant of servants.’ Japeth is only said to dwell in the tents of Shem with his servant Canaan.


This is clearly one of the stories that are used to approve of slavery. A servant of servants is hard to explain away, but there are many more references if you want to overlook this one.


v.29 has three possibilities (much like many stories in the bible): 1-It’s true, Noah did live to 950, 2-It’s an exaggeration of the age of a real person, or 3-It’s entirely made up or adapted from earlier mythologies.


In this story and many others, I have found very little, if any, elements that I would agree even could have happened. There is no evidence that a global flood has ever happened and the arguments used by young earth creationists misconstrue and discredit science to fit their claims.

A quick google search would equip anyone who was actually looking for a scientific answer with a reason to not agree with any creationist claim, the problem is that the people who believe like Ken Ham will not go to any more effort than to look into a single book authored by an innumerable amount of people, translated and edited more times than we likely know, and that originated in a time that science was not able to answer some questions that it can now. Are we to continue to rely on stone age knowledge or should we advance with the world around us?


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