Genesis 10

Genesis 10 – The Descendants

This is one of the boring chapters completely devoted to genealogies, but there are a few verses that need to be pointed out.

I don’t want to spoil a future story but v.5 says ‘the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue’ which is contrary to the story of Babel which says languages, or tongues, weren’t around until the tower was destroyed.

v.8, Cush could have probably come up with a better name than Nimrod for his son.

Please note that in this entire chapter of descendants it doesn’t name a single female. To my knowledge the female has at least a small role in bareing and begating all of these children. Just another reference to the male dominated writers and editors who’ve put these stories together, and another reason I don’t understand how so many females can follow this book and the teachings of it.

In v.25, there is a controversial comment about Peleg, ‘for in his days was the earth divided.’ Some young earth creationists use this as the basis for the continental divide or separation of the continents from each other though many disagree including nearly all of science.

These chapters of genealogies are another of the strangely specific parts of the bible that lend credibility but then the nonspecific and veritably untrue do just the opposite.


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